How To Know That You Need A Good Tutor

Friday 18 November 2011 @ 9:11 am

by Joaquin Rozo
Good tutors are a very important group of people in the academic world. They can turn around a lot of things that may not be going towel. They can be called in or sought after to do a number of things. For example, a good tutor may be required when a student who formerly had very good grades starts to perform poorly in class. This may be an indicator for a lot of things. Sometimes it actually has nothing to do with the class work because students can be affected by many things. A good tutor will be able to notice this and consequently bring it to the attention of the employer. A tutor who is not competent will not notice this and the problem may only get worse.

One may also need good tutors when interventions that usually work just fine do not work anymore. Such can include extra reading at the library or group work with fellow students. This may be an indicator of an underlying difficulty in grasping the topic or concept. A good tutor will be able to assist in such a case because they come equipped with special teaching skills that include noting the difficulties that each student is experiencing and nipping them in the bud before they get too prominent.

Research has indicated that most students learn better and faster when they have more attention from the teacher. It may be time to seek the help of a good tutor when you notice that the class you have enrolled for has too many students and it is getting difficult therefore to get a one on one with the lecturer. Sometimes all a student requires to completely understand a concept is a sitting with the teacher or lecturer. Large classes do not make it easy to do this however and the services of a good tutor may come in handy.

Lack of enough alone-study time may necessitate hiring a tutor. Everyone needs to read and go through their notes from class very so often. But with evening classes and work during the day, this may be hard to do. A tutor can be very helpful in such a case because they can come up with short, daily revision plans that concentrate on the important points of each chapter and make reading a lot easier and less time consuming. Tutors can be academic life-savers.

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Maths Tutoring

Friday 18 November 2011 @ 9:11 am

by Joaquin Rozo
Finding a tutor can be a very daunting task because good tutors are hard to come by. Finding a good math tutor is even harder because finding a competent and dedicated individual for this kind of job is not easy. When trying to find a teacher for maths tutoring purposes, it is important that you take your time so that you find the right person for your child. Tutor scan be found at the school where your child attends or online at tutor companies. Sometimes tutors can be fellow students who are at a higher level and whose grades permit them to tutor other students.

Before taking in a tutor for your child, you must consider a few factors that are vital for the academic development of your child. A thorough screening process is necessary to find out if the tutor you have got is competent especially in the areas you want him or her to assist your child. First and foremost, a good maths tutor should have a good mastery of mathematics. Maths is usually a problem for many students and getting an incompetent tutor may only compound the problem further.

Depending on the grade your child is in, the tutor needs to be able to match up. This simply means that if for example your child is in the lower grades, a diploma in a maths related field can suffice and they should show evidence of competency. If the child is in a higher grade, the tutor should have at least a degree with an inclination to mathematics. This will assure you that whatever they are teaching your child is the right content.

Experience and training is very important. If the tutor has had no prior experience in tutoring other children, this might present as a problem because they may not know how to disseminate information to the child for example and the whole point of the tuition will be null and void. Also a tutor with experience will be able to realize why the child experiences difficulties and how these can be tackled. Teaching methods vary from one person to another and all children have individual needs with regard to how they should be taught. Some learn best by listening, others learn better by going over the information again and again until it is mastered. An experienced tutor will note this about your child very easily and rectify it.

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Getting the Services of a Good Maths Tutor in Manchester

Saturday 29 October 2011 @ 10:10 am

by Article Publisher
It is commonly seen that kids perform poorly in maths. And, what is more unfortunate is the fact that poor performance is not due to lack of intelligence in kids but because of poor instruction. Most of the kids are afraid of maths because they are not taught using the right pedagogy. If your kid is not performing well in maths, you must consider hiring a competent maths tutor from Manchester or from any other place close to where you are based. One can get competent maths tutors all over UK as the tutoring companies have got offices throughout the country. If you want your kid to do well in mathematics, it is important that he gets interested in the subject. Once his interest is aroused, he will love the excitement of solving mathematical problems. It is the job of tutors to inculcate the interest of students in maths so they see the subject as fun rather than something to be afraid of. And, it is very easy to find competent maths tutor in Manchester if you are living in the area.

There are numerous famous tutoring companies offering their services all over the country. Every company has got a website giving detailed information about its service and locations where it has got offices. By browsing online, you can easily find a company meeting all your needs. In case you are looking for a knowledgeable maths tutor in Manchester, you will be required to register with the company of your choice. You will be required to provide details like location and subject in which you need the services of a qualified tutor. For ensuring the safety of children, all the tutors provided by reputed tutoring companies are police verified. Also, in keeping with the provisions of Protection of Children Act, all tutors must possess CRB Enhanced Disclosure certificates. Additionally, they must be registered with GTC (General Teaching Council). It is compulsory for all tutoring companies to adhere to the provisions of Protection of Children Act to ensure safety of young persons.

All companies prefer to recruit local tutors as they have got sound knowledge of the local education system and are considered safe as well. If you’re based in Manchester, you will be provided a maths tutor from Manchester. To maintain their standards, most of the companies select only those candidates who have got the right qualifications as well as passion for teaching. CRB certified professionals Maths Tutor Manchester. We provide private tutors, Private Tuition Manchester and CRB certified professionals for all levels subjects.

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What About Homeschool Planners?

Thursday 15 September 2011 @ 9:09 am

by smanuva123
Hello! I plan to take you with us on our journey through high school. We are only beginning 6th grade this year but knowing that you are available when 9th grade comes is a huge relief and I’ve told all our homeschool moms in our group about you. Since you’ve said that middle school is preparation for high school, I would love a planner for my daughter or myself that would get us in the mode of keeping track of the things we need to. Can you advise me on which company has the best or tell me what we should be keeping track of now that will help us later (and be great records for our BOE.) THANK FOR ALL YOU DO AND GOD BLESS!!!

I’m not a huge fan of planners. I’ve had clients with every sort of planner under the sun, and I’ve figured one thing out. None of them work on their own. You have to actually DO something with them. I can’t tell you how many empty boxes, empty notebooks, and empty computers I have seen!!
Here is what I suggest instead:

First, find out what your state law requires. It may not be the same thing that is required of a public school.

Second, find a record keeping strategy that will work with your style. You can read article about record keeping here: “Cubbies, Tubbies and Binder Queens”. Your goal is to keep the records you need to have. Not lose anything.

I kept a binder for my Home School Education, and it was great for us. First, buy a big three-ring binder and a couple of sets of big tab dividers. Put a piece of paper behind each divider with a label for what you “hope” to put there. Keep the labels very general: Math, English, PE, Science. Have a label for every subject. If you don’t know what subject something is, or if it crosses over many subject areas and you can’t decide which one it is, still make a label for that. For example, Dance. Is it PE or Fine Arts? Don’t spend time deciding, just label a divider “Dance” and decide later. Have a label for every item required by state law. Our state requires a declaration of intent, annual testing, and immunization records, so I had a tab for each of those. Finally, add a tab for a transcript and for your reading list.

Each time your child produces something, use a three-hole punch and put it into the binder where it most likely belongs. You can always change your mind later, so don’t spend too much time worrying about whether a report on Lincoln goes in History or in English. Just guess for now, and adjust later if you need to.

Record keeping is like homeschooling. It can be expensive, but it doesn’t NEED to be expensive. I used a three ring binder, dividers, and notebook paper. That was my whole record keeping. Not expensive!

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar, helps parents homeschool high school and is a leading internet home school resource helping parents homeschool to college. You can find Lee online at and can email her at

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Nutty Homeschool Parents?

Friday 26 August 2011 @ 4:08 pm

by smanuva123
After this year’s National Spelling Bee, someone asked me, “What kind of a crazy parent has their child spell nutty words all day?” The great kind of parent! The kind of parent that allows their child to follow their interests, EVEN when it involves spelling nutty words all day!

I have had the privilege of speaking to some parents of magnificently gifted teens. Geography Bee winners, Spelling Bee winners, nationally recognized students with outstanding accomplishments. Each parent told me the same thing. There are people “out there” who think they can force their child into excellence. I suppose it’s possible to force a child into excellence. I actually think it’s far more common for parents to ALLOW their child to excel, and then get accused of forcing them.

My friend the National Geography Bee Champion studied geography for fun all the time. She would rather do that than almost anything else,  although she is a very well-rounded kid. She could play a musical instrument, did great in art and science and writing. I have to say that her overwhelming characteristic had nothing to do with academics – she was one of the most charming and well-liked kids I’ve met. Perhaps some people presumed that Mom and Dad were force-feeding her facts, and that led to the unsavory feedback. The people who expressed their objections did not know the child, the family, or the situation.

Not everyone has a child with a burning interest in something. But please understand, some children DO have a deeply rooted longing for….  something nutty. For me, I suffered through a child who studied chess all day. I had another child who studied economics all day. Not every child is like that, I’m sure. But when a child IS like that, then it’s the parent’s job to fan the flames, and encourage them and support them in their interests.

Encouraging the unique pursuits of a child is one of the best parts about homeschooling. It can help them to learn academics, but more importantly it can help them learn about themselves. Do they want to study that in college? Can they make a career out of it? Do they feel “done” with that endeavor, and don’t want to continue? These are great things that kids are learning. It’s one reason why homeschooling can provide the best college and career preparation. As students get these unique and passionate interests, even in things like nutty spelling words, they can better learn about what they  want to do with their life.

And to those of you who DO have a child with a strange or alien interest, take heart! I suffered through it, and I have talked to others who have trudged through it as well. You can do it!

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar, helps parents homeschool high school and is a leading internet home school resource helping parents homeschool to college. You can find Lee online at and can email her at

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Sink your Feet into Comfortable Rugs

Friday 26 August 2011 @ 3:08 pm

by Kimberly1m
There are so many beautiful area rugs out there these days you may have a hard time deciding on just one for your home or office space. There are many different places that you are able to buy rugs but a really popular choice these days is to buy online. You are able to find rugs for sale at really good prices and you never have to leave the comfort of your own living room. Going online to find rugs will let you window shop without being harassed by sales people or being pressured into buying something that you are not really sure if it is the right choice for your lifestyle. Another great reason to do online shopping is that you might be able to find a specific color or style you are looking for, especially if you are looking for some cheap rugs that you may not be able to find at a local retailer.
Rugs can serve many different functions in your living area but most obvious is the fact that they are used to cover the floors in your home. With all the modernization going on with the architecture of homes and apartments, many people are looking for more modern rugs instead of the traditional Oriental and Persian style rugs. However, you may like the more traditional feel for your home. The best thing about rugs is that no matter what you are looking for, whether it be large rugs or small rugs, you are sure to find a style that is perfect for you.
Rugs are able to add so much color and warmth to any room that they are added to. Whether it is a funky fluffy rug that is placed in front of your fireplace that you just want to sink your feet into, or a modern pattern that fits the décor in your living area, rugs are always a great way to show off your artistic flare. Rugs are also great for other parts of your home besides just the living area.
Rugs also go well with the office. If you are looking to redecorate your office then going with a traditional rug that has great design and artwork can quickly become the focal point of the room allowing you to decorate around that specific item. If you are looking to redesign your bedroom then placing a warm inviting sheepskin rug beneath your bed might just be the exact thing you need to jump out of bed so you can feel the warmth beneath your feet. Or you may decide on something of more natural material like jute or bamboo. No matter what yours style, whether it is traditional or modern, there is definitely a rug out there for you.

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Home School or Local Schools for Expat Kids in France?

Monday 22 August 2011 @ 8:08 pm

by James P Martin
Living abroad in properties in France will be an excellent experience for their mental, social and cultural development, yet it is still important for your kids to have a good quality education.

There are few different options that you have to choose from when living at your real estate in France. One choice that is actually quite common among expat families living abroad is home schooling their children at their property in France. Home schooling is when the parent designs and delivers a curriculum to a child. There are advantages and disadvantages to this approach.

Advantages of Home Schooling. You can design the curriculum to suit your child, stimulating them in interesting ways and nourishing their strengths. You have a much better idea of your childs progress than if they were being taught by someone else.

You can home school your child if you move back and forth between properties in France and the UK, without having to disrupt their learning. Home schooling teaches children to work independently and manage their time. Home schooling your child allows you to spend more time together as a family at your property in France. Disadvantages of Home Schooling.

Your children will miss out on the social interaction of meeting other kids in a school environment. You can compensate for this by involving them in community activities or sports, but this can be difficult if they dont speak the language.

Your kids will also miss out on the benefit of learning from many different teachers and from their peers. Home schooling takes a lot of time and planning on your part because you will be a full time teacher as well as a parent. Another possibility is to send your children to a local school in France. There are French schools, or international schools in France where classes are taught in English.

Advantages of a School in France. Going to a local school will let your kids have the chance to make friends in France and feel like a part of the community.

They will find learning the language easier when they are exposed to it in a school environment every day. A school can offer many experiences that you dont have at home, such as laboratory facilities, books, guest speakers, field trips and more.

Disadvantages of a school in france. Your child might find it a struggle to fit in, especially when they dont speak French as their first language. Curriculum is different in other countries, which may result in your childs peers being further or less advanced in a subject than they are, resulting in either confusion or boredom.

Choosing the right schooling option for kids living at properties in France will depend on the needs and personality of your child, and your lifestyle. If you live abroad in your property in France with young children, it is important to have a strategy for their education.

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Choosing the Right Rug

Thursday 28 July 2011 @ 5:07 pm

by Kimberly1m
When you are decorating your home, there are so many things you need to consider. You have to choose paint. Do you stick with one paint color throughout the house, or do a different color for each room? Should you go with a solid color or pattern? There are a lot of things to consider with just the paint. You also have to think about what accessories you want. Artwork is another thing you might want to consider when decorating, but it is not a necessity.
One thing that people may neglect to consider is the floor adornments. Most people choose to lay down their favorite type of flooring but don’t consider a rug to balance out their room. Rugs do not have to be expensive. Cheap rugs can be high quality if they are bought during a sale. You want to make sure that the cheap rugs you purchase are a trusted name brand so you don’t get tricked into getting a cheap rug that will fall apart after very little use. Rugs must be high quality in order to last.
Modern rugs go great in a modern home. You can go with one rug style and use that same style in each room, or you can go with styles that coordinate. When you choose modern rugs you get to find a rug that matches your style. You should get a rug for each room of your home because rugs serve a variety of purposes. You might want to just purchase decorative modern rugs for the rooms in your home where you want them to be a focal point. You might choose to spend a little more money on rugs that are meant to stand out.
Don’t neglect rugs that are functional and not necessarily used for decoration. Your bathroom needs bath mats to keep your floors from being too slippery when wet. Bath mats can prevent slips and falls in a bathroom.
You should also have stair carpet to prevent slips and falls on a staircase. If you have young children it might be difficult for them to climb stairs without stair carpet. Aged adults might also have a difficult time climbing stairs without some type of stair carpet. It is a good idea to get stair carpet instead of having to worry every time someone goes up or down stairs.
Rubber mats can be used in a kitchen to help keep your back from being strained after standing in one spot for a long time. Rubber mats can be used in any other place where a person stands still for an extended period of time. These rugs need not be large rugs. They should be small enough to cover a small area of the kitchen.
Door mats are the first rugs that guests encounter. They should dust their feet off on the outside of your home before they enter. When they come inside of your home, the first thing they step on should be another door mat. Rugs have so many different uses that they should not be left out of your home when you are decorating.

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Academics and Socialization Are Key to Homeschool College Admission

Tuesday 19 July 2011 @ 3:07 pm

by Lee Binz
The reason I’m strongly in favor of homeschooling if because I believe it’s the perfect environment for learning. The academics of a homeschool are always and can always be challenging and yet they never have to be overwhelming, and that’s the only place you’re going to get that setting.

Homeschooling allows for socialization that is always safe and supportive and it never has to be threatening or scary in anyway. Homeschooling allows time for specialization; homeschooling is much more efficient since you’re not waiting for the bus and you’re not waiting in line, kids have much more time to specialize in something that they’re passionate about.

It’s one of the reasons why colleges seek homeschoolers. A common fear early in the homeschool movement was that homeschool kids wouldn’t make it into college. Now, the tables are turned. Colleges actively seek out homeschoolers!

In our homeschool, we prepared our kids academically and part of that academic preparation was SAT preparation. SAT covers reading, writing, and math which what we want our kids to know what to do. Because of their academic preparation, they were invited to compete in the full tuition scholarship competition. They were told to bring something that they could talk about who they were.

Because we had time to specialize as homeschoolers, they each had something very unique that they could bring to talk about. My older son brought his chess set and he talked about how he teaches chess. My younger son brought a charcoal drawing of the French economist, Jean Baptiste Say, so that he could talk about political economy.

They found out later that they weren’t judged their academics but they were evaluated based on how they interacted with their peers when nobody was looking. The ironic part is my kids were given full tuition scholarship because of socialization.

Even with great socialization, make sure your kids are prepared for college academically. Failing to aim for college is one of “The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Homeschooling High School.” Learn how to avoid all 5 mistakes in my free e-mail mini-course.

Need help homeschooling high school? Lee Binz, The HomeScholar is an expert on how to homeschool for free and maintains a website that talks about home school reviews where you can get answers to all your questions. You can find Lee online at

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Feelings About Transcripts – a Homeschool Mom’s Personal Experience

Friday 15 July 2011 @ 2:07 pm

by smanuva123
I received the sweetest note from Stacie this week. She said very nice things about me, which was SO sweet! But I would like all homeschool parents to look beyond her sweet words and see her FEELINGS. She is homeschooling merrily long, doing a great job. Still, her son FEELS like his education doesn’t measure up. As a teacher, she FEELS like she may have failed him academically. Sometimes our feelings tell the truth, but sometimes they don’t. One of the nice things about a transcript is that it’s the TRUTH about your homeschool, and not just a feeling. Read Stacie’s letter:

Dear Lee,

You’ve saved me again. The instructions you provided (about calculating the GPA) were so easy to understand. I was about to just leave out the GPA, but the scholarship paperwork clearly stated that GPA and ACT scores were the deciding factors and must be included. Just like you said, we have to speak the college’s love language.

I could not have done this without your help and guidance over the past few years.

It was quite an experience to put together this transcript. Whether or not we are awarded any of the scholarships applied for, what my son and I learned has been invaluable. He had been thinking his education was quite lacking; you know, worried he didn’t measure up to the other kids. I had been thinking I had failed him academically. After we had it all done, we sat back and digested it all. Wow! We have been quite busy the past few years learning tons of stuff. He’s had quite a varied education. We noticed just how busy he has been with music. Even physical education, the one area I thought he was completely lacking in, ended up with a full 4 credits earned. He ended up with a GPA of 3.81 and 27 earned credits with 8 left to finish out to the end of the school year.

Thank you, Lee, for all you do. I was introduced to your website after 15 years of homeschooling and wondered if your services would even be something I could use. I’m so glad I took that chance on you and your products. Time after time I go back to what you have taught me. You’ve saved me time, headache, and worry. Following your guidance has brought me peace and improved our homeschool. The cost of your products is so small compared to what you’ve done for me. I tell everyone about you. Just today I referred another woman to you. Lee, you’re the best.

From a friend,

Every Homeschool teacher in every educational setting has things that go wrong. Projects left undone, books not finished, kids with attitude, moments of frustration. None of that goes on the Homeschool transcript. It happens to every one, in public and private school as well as homeschool, but it doesn’t go on the permanent record. Only the good stuff goes on the transcript. Classes that are finished. The finished grade goes on the transcript, not the icky-yucky sausage-making process of coming up with the grade. As homeschoolers, we sometimes get stuck in the middle of the educational process and forget that our end result is looking pretty good.

Your transcript tells the truth about your homeschool. It can calm your nerves. It can help you gain perspective. It can reassure teens.

Here is what all homeschool parents can glean from this letter from the parent of a high school senior.

  1. Feeling insecure is normal
  2. Children may doubt their education
  3. Seeing your homeschool in print can help everyone
  4. Your homeschool will look good in black and white

Making a transcript is good feedback. And Stacie was so sweet to give me positive feedback, too! Thanks Stacie!

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar, helps parents homeschool for high school and is a leading internet home school resource helping parents homeschool to college. You can find Lee online at and can email her at

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